Which Sony Cinescore version to buy?

Sony Media Software has introduced a new soundtrack creation program called Cinescore, which makes it easy to produce music expertly timed to your video productions. Having been using SmartSound Sonicfire Pro 4 for months now and also having reviewed it — see digitalcontentproducer. The program When you first boot Cinescore up, it looks like a very stripped-down version of Vegas. Although you can use the program solely as an audio tool, the program imports and exports video so you can build your score exactly timed to what is happening on screen. After you load your video, you can select certain sections to work on. If this is a second commercial, chances are you would select the whole piece; or you could load a minute package and choose sections of the video to score. Click the Generate Music button, and up pops the Theme Chooser. The program comes with 20 themes on an included DVD, and additional themes are available. Themes range from rock to funk to cinematic to polka, and each theme has about 30 variations. Moreover, each variation has multiple options, including starting section, mood type, tempo adjustments, and intensity, making it possible to create thousands of variations based on the included set of 20 songs. Once you decide on a variation you like, you can save all the settings as a preset for later use. Fine-tuning The Generated Music screen is where you can fine-tune. Or not. If you choose OK, you will simply get the theme you created. Cinescore creates the songs in a series of color-coded blocks that you see within the Generated Music timeline. You can change the type of ending type: Set Hints at various parts of your score, and adjust the mood, intensity, tempo, and arrangement. For example, you could make a two-minute song, start off slow, build up in tempo and intensity, and then slowly fade out at the end.

which Sony Cinescore version to buy?

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