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And the most interesting way to explain that is to go back in time, and first talk about the difference between what STAR T was and now is for those markets where it still exists.

It was my honest opinion as a user. I enjoyed being the rep, but I was always a user first. And that meant I was always thinking more about workflow than almost anything else. That changed in Geometry was no longer a limitation in my work. You can always upgrade later. Once you can make a perfect model, then you can start focusing on other things. It always had all the graphic and layout capabilities needed, but with the addition of Complex Profiles, Shells, and Morphs, it also had the modeling functionality.

Both are valid propositions. In two wrinkles appeared in that recommendation. One might sound bigger, but it is actually kind of minor. Rendering is a perk, not a requirement. Add some planting and landscape Objects or do some post production in Photoshop and you are going to have some very impressed clients. This is kind of an esoteric concern, unless you are unreasonably passionate about templates. We got together for coffee and by the end of the meeting she was sold.

And then we realized that my template, the one I give away to people for free because templates are too important for people not to have access to , was inaccessible to her. My template was a. I found a work around. It is possible to use. But without the benefits of templates developed by myself or others, that savings is compromised. Now neither of these limitations are deal breakers, just issues I have especially as a power user. As mentioned above, since anything can be modeled, STAR T more than passes the requirements needed to be a complete solution.

At the end of that day, that is what truly matters: Everything else is about degrees of utility. Fortunately for the North American and UK markets, there is another option. And that changes everything. They are not ring fenced by file type. They can use any template they want. They can get example files from friends. They can exchange their files with the gurus, trainers, and teachers and ask for help. Rendering is worth every extra penny.

But now that the file incompatibility issue is removed, people not ready to jump all in should feel completely comfortable beginning with Solo and maybe staying there for a long time.

Of course not. Am I going to switch from using the Full version to the Solo version? Absolutely not. As I said in my previous post: Without Teamwork, it keeps you from worrying about how to manage large teams. Final Thoughts: Now let me be clear: The path through BIM is not a single step process, nor does it have only one goal.

The primary focus of people in the early stages of BIM progression are production and design. And modeling and documentation are the key to everything.

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