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Droplets are easy to configure in the StuffIt software. Add them to your desktop for easy drag-and-drop compression programmed just the way you want it. Performance Tests Notes about the performance tests below: Performance will vary by machine.

This are my personal results; you may achieve different results. For the purposes of these tests, I will only be using StuffIt Deluxe and 7-zip.

With additional tweaking, you may be able to achieve even greater compression benefits. Performance Test 1: Original File: This one was great for me… Original File: ZIP files: Greater compression than zip on standard compression tests. Unicode and two-byte language support to assure broad international support. StuffIt Expander is freeware not shareware like many of its competitors.

My Impression: StuffIt Deluxe is easy to use. Wizards make it easy for even a computer novice to use the software. The StuffIt proprietary file format — sitx — provides better compression over zip files created by either StuffIt or 7-zip. StuffIt Deluxe can decompress many different compressed file formats, including zip, tar, rar, sitx, etc. StuffIt Deluxe creates zip files of similar size to 7-zip in roughly the same time.

StuffIt Deluxe offers many advanced features, like the ability to schedule file compression for back-up storage. Text files and Word documents were not worth compressing at the size I tested. StuffIt Connect lets you share up to 2 GB of files, which is super-handy for artists, 3D content providers and anyone else who needs to share large archives. Current price as of January 29, A- Pros: StuffIt Deluxe is super-easy and fast to use.

I was very satisfied with the additional compression yielded through the sitx file compression. I will continue to distribute art content and graphics file via zip files, but I will be switching to StuffIt Deluxe as well, since I had less corruption errors.

First, the installer crashed during the initial installation with no error message in sight, leaving me to try to figure out what had happened. The second attempt was successful, but required that I log out of my current Mac session and log back in. While DropBox appeared to be the culprit and a reboot resolved the problem, I can't help but think that the new addition of StuffIt Deluxe contributed to the issue. Another thing that irritated me during the installation and setup was that I had to enter my registration code three times -- once when installing the app, a second time for another purpose that I don't recall, and a third time when I was signing up for StuffIt Connect.

Why couldn't I just enter my registration code once and be done with it? Well, that seems to be because this is not just a single application, but a set of seven applications that are sitting in the StuffIt folder. To be honest with you, I think there are more StuffIt applications hidden around my Mac, since signing up for Stuffit Connect appeared to launch one more application that wasn't in the StuffIt folder.

Once I had resolved whatever conflict was causing my CPU to max out, things seemed to run a little bit smoother.

There's a MagicMenu located up in the menu bar, featuring the classic StuffIt vise icon. Once again, why there are all of these little applications instead of one application that can do it all is a mystery to me.

StuffIt Expander brings up a tiny window onto which you can drag and drop compressed files. By default, the application un-compresses the files into the same location that where the compressed file resides. DropStuff is similar, except it compresses files into. Opening the Profiles window in DropStuff lets you choose different preferences and create a Droplet. Droplets can reside anywhere on your Mac, and perform compression functions on files or folders when you drop their icons onto the Droplet.

When you use a Droplet, you can watch the DropStuff application open up and close, meaning that the process of creating the compressed file takes longer. I created a Droplet to make a zip file, and it consistently took about twice the time to compress a file than it did to just right-click the file icon and select "Compress.

Opening Automator, choosing the Application template, dragging the Create Archive action over to the workflow, and then saving the application to my desktop created a much faster "Droplet" than the one provided by DropStuff.

With it, you can search for archives or files types, and perform functions such as setting up regularly scheduled archives of certain file types.

Despite my better judgement, I decided to try out the StuffIt Connect capability. This is supposed to "magically" appear when you try to email a large file, so I found a PDF file that met the criteria -- it was over 5 MB in size -- and decided to mail it to myself.

After all, the marketing blurb says "StuffIt will automatically check your email file size and upload files that are too big to the StuffIt Connect server where they can be downloaded directly. Instead of doing what I expected, Mail sent the full, uncompressed Nowhere did StuffIt Connect appear to "automatically check my email file size" or "upload files that are too big.

Looking at the Help File showed that it doesn't automatically check my email file size. Nope, I have to select the files that I want to add to an archive and send by email, and then choose Stuff and Mail from the MagicMenu.

Y'know, despite the fact that I've written Mac help files for developers, I still don't like to RTFM -- a well-designed Mac app shouldn't force users to depend on reading the manual. OK, time to try again. This time I followed the instructions. A small window appeared showing me the compression taking place and the upload to StuffIt Connect.

The PDF file was compressed from I then waited for the email message with the link to appear. When it didn't, I searched around and finally found a dialog that told me that my email account wasn't active.

I looked in my mail inbox, only to find that I needed to activate the StuffIt Connect account by clicking a link.

Cost of SmithMicro Stuffit Deluxe 15 Software


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