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I have been trying for the past week or so with no success. The problem I have is that the application works fine when running it as a domain or local admin on the app v server, but when running the application as a normal domain user there is an error that pops up stating that it cannot find files that are needed to start.

I have listed below the steps I have take to troubleshoot so far. Any help is appreciated. Error when launching app: File not found [] Step 1: Contacted vendor tech support who was less than helpful. Step 2: Consulted Google on the issue, but the app v scenario seems to be a rare thing.

Step 3: Decided that we are looking at a permissions type error, so I added domain users to the local admin group on the App V server. When domain users were in the local admin group the app launched fine. Step 4: Opened the App with domain users removed from the local admin group while running process monitor.

The Issue here is that there are too many files in the registry as well as the local machine to tell what specifically is causing the application not to launch.

Step 5: Gave domain users full access to the local machine registry folder as well as full access to the local C: The only thing that seems to solve the issue is giving the local admin rights to domain users which is not the ideal solution at all. Thanks in advance for any help. Mike P.

quarkxpress 8 downloads

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