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Leveraging our experience with consumer and enterprise end-users, we believe this new version of the product is the best solution on the market for users who want to run Windows on Mac simultaneously. VMware Fusion 5 has been revamped to take advantage of new technologies only available in Mountain Lion, Windows 8 and the latest Macs to deliver a Windows on Mac experience never seen before. New features include: VMware Fusion 5 Professional VMware Fusion 5 Professional includes all the features of Fusion 5 plus new capabilities that will improve the way professionals deliver business applications to Mac users.

Key benefits include: To avoid tampering of the corporate image, restrictions can prevent users from changing virtual machine settings or attaching USB devices to Windows. The first way is to use the dedicated hot key Ctrl-Cmnd-F. The second method of entering full screen mode is to find the button labelled Zoom within the toolbar of the running virtual machine; if you place focus on it, VoiceOver will speak a tool tip reporting that the button, if pressed, will contain an option for maximizing the window, which is what you need to do.

What you also must do is to stop interacting with the toolbar, wich habitually grabs focus; only after ensuring that focus is outside the toolbar that is, uninteracting , and that the window is maximized, will Cmnd-G have the desired effect of placing focus within the virtual machine.

Moving on, you will need to keep in mind that even when focus is within your Windows virtual machine, VMWare Fusion comes configured by default such that all macOS hot keys are active. Therefore, if, for example, you press CMnd-Tab, you wil find that focus is now outside your virtual machine again, and you'll hear VoiceOver report the name of the last window you were working with on your Mac, and releasing the Cmnd key will place focus on its window.

It is important to study the Preferences for VMWare Fusion, especially the Keyboard tab, where you will learn how to switch the keyboard profile to one more suited to running Windows 10 or Windows 8 or you can leave it at the default; I found that switching to the Windows 10 profile is the best choice if you are running Windows 10; and, although the header of the Keyboard Profiles dialog states that you can customize these profiles, I haven't found this to be necessary.

Further, I would also say that the other sub-tabs within the Keyboard tab of Preferences can be customized; at present, I am a little relectant to do this. For example, the thought of disabling all macOS hot keys while running a virtual machine might seem like a great idea; however, I think you can do fine by leaving them enabled. A point which must be kept in mind when running Windows on a Mac is that the Cmnd key on a Mac has the effect of pressing the Start button in Windows, whereas the Option key on the Mac has the effect of pressing the Alt key; this is something which you simply must accept; this is because VMWare Fusion is a Mac application.

Further, it needs to be noted that the default command for releasing control of the keyboard and mouse back to macOS is Ctrl-Option; of course, this would only be relevant if you decided to disable the Mac hot keys within Preferences, which you could do if you wanted to; at present, I am not that corageous. If you do not wish to update at this time, you can rollback your VMware installation to an older version.

Do you offer incentives for resellers? All our reseller information can be found on the Reseller Information page. We certainly do! Email support with the number of licenses you need and we can give you bulk pricing information. Please note that bulk pricing requires the purchase of at least seats. Does this include the VMware software?

The VMware product is not bundled with the plugin. While we have not been able to isolate to a specific issue or cause, the Vagrant VMware Fusion and Vagrant VMware Workstation plugins are sometimes incompatible with the trial versions of the VMware products. Please try restarting your computer and running the VMware software manually.

Occasionally you must accept the license agreement before VMware will run. If you do not see any errors when opening the VMware GUI, you may need to purchase the full version to use the plugin. We apologize for the inconvenience. When in doubt, please purchase VMware Workstation Pro to use all the features supported by the integration.

However, some advanced features such as linked clones , are only supported by the Pro versions of the VMware software.

Buy VMware Fusion 5 Cheap

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