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However, much of the trumpet part was inexplicably transposed down an octave. Not only are its Rhodes and Wurlitzer emulations compelling and often dead-on convincing, its controls are inspiring. The suitcase-style tremolo makes me just want to sit and play for hours. AAS also contributed a stripped but useful version of Strum Acoustic, which has been justifiably well-received in these pages. I would have no trouble including these in any finished production—they sound great.

The Blue Tubes package includes everything from compressor, de-esser, and several equalizers to chorus, phaser, and more. To my ear, a little analog vibe goes a long way, and I had no trouble pushing these processors well past that point; that should be just right for many folks.

At less aggressive settings, they do a great job of accomplishing their assigned tasks with a bit of personality. Also from Nomad Factory are the Analog TrackBox, a tube-emulation channel strip, and the BlueVerb DRV, described as a vintage reverb in the spirit of digital reverbs from the s. Speaking of vintage sounds, the ProChannel now includes tape emulation. And, of course, what would tape emulation be without the ability to dial in tape hiss? VST3 is now supported, allowing improvements such as sample-accurate automation and more efficient use of CPU resources, among other things.

The new Flatten Comp command renders the selected phrases to a new master take. So What Else Is New? When you export video and audio, you have the option to publish directly to YouTube, and the application integrates with Gobbler for back-up and collaboration.

The biggest usability improvement, though, is in track comping. New keyboard shortcuts speed things along; there is a new dedicated comping tool, automatic fades smooth edits; and a new Flatten Comp command bounces all isolated takes to a new take lane see Figure 1.

This is the sort of workflow enhancement that lets you focus on the project rather than the process. Could you briefly tell us why the review was or was not helpful? Submit This review has been selected by our experts as particularly helpful. The features on this thing are endless, the editing tools which are so intuitive and flexible, the fact that you have unlimited audio and midi tracks, the fact that you can throw in video clips clean the audio in the video, the busses, the immense amount of audio fx, the feature list is endless, but the best feature is the improved mix engine, which runs 10 to 20 times more efficient on your machine, using less resources of your cpu but delivering the same power, not only that but it works PERFECT with vista, no issues what so ever.

Ease of Use: This program is easier than people say, people don't sit long enough to understand that, Everything is programmable if you like protools shortcuts you can set the shortcuts to protools on your sonar, its simple, you can share files with logic, cubase, and DP users, you have an easy mixer with easy routing features, this program gives you everything without complexity, all you have to do is give it a chance, and you will not be dissapointed.

The quality on this thing is amazing, you know that cakewalk puts their best foot forward on their releases, I've been a protools user for years, but discovering sonar was a blessing, having a powerful machine goes for anyone, you will never go in to a protools HD rig and see a macbook, you will see a 8 Core Mac Pro with many gigs of ram, so if you want efficiency invest in a powerful PC, they are inexpensive, and easy to maintain.

Thats all you need for Sonar, a high grade PC. I moved on to an RME fireface and sonar 8, and haven't looked back once, as a musician entering the software realm the DAW is where it starts, buy this product, learn it, use it, and you wont be dissapointed. Manufacturer Support: Cakewalk has the best support out of all the software companies, being they have a forum, where the employees look at the problems, and implement them in the software is great, they go to the source which is us the consumers, and figure out ways to make their product better, releasing upgrades, and bringing out better versions every year.

The tech support for someone who has sonar is great, they will stay on the phone with you until you are up and going, and if you have to call back that is no problem, Cakewalk is trying their hardest to make the customers happy, and that's something that's important especially for someone who's just starting this music thing.

cakewalk sonar producer


SONAR X3 Advanced Workshop: Introduction & Basics

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