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I'm really impressed. Though there were several crashes usually related to extreme angles while editing objects, and i'm attributing them to my graphics cards , all but once the built-in recovery function managed to save the scene file see the "debug" folder by the side of the apps' location before it went boom. My personal favourites: The new "visual selector" tag. A real time-saver. Especially with characters, dragging the bones you need to pick often into it, creating a "switchboard" of click-and-it's-selected items with a basic human shape in the background is bliss. The only way this could be better would be to be able to actually grab the objects on a touchscreen: The new timeline. Takes some time getting used to, but after that, it's easier than the old one. The new elements browser. Muscles part of Character module Not too happy with: They're a nice addition, but don't work with my personal preferences for rigging and animating. The older bones system is still available, so no problem here. Fast, stable, great. But doesn't play nice with e. Feets keep rotating in sync with the hip axis. May be my fault, but with "legacy" MoccaIK and target vectors, they don't. So, again, nice to have, but doesn't fit my workflow. All in all, it's an excellent update that i'm very, very happy with. Here's hoping on the next maintenance update to smooth the edges.

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C4D keeps crashing on me and giving me [this error message]( I'm reading that this error is likely a problem with. Logickeyboard dedicated & colour coded Maxon Cinema 4D keyboard for Professional 3D artists. Apr 9, - Cinema 4D is a very powerful 3D animating and rendering program. This is a program Free Maxon Computer Mac Version Full Specs. Download Cinema 4D now. This installation is good for your the full offline installer (~MB). Download (PC) Download (MAC) Download CLR (CentOS 7).

cinema 4d mac

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