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This is the translated version of the original Norwegian article that was published by hwb. In the development tools division of Borland was spun off into a separate wholly-owned company, CodeGear, leaving Borland to concentrate on tools for Application Lifecycle Management ALM. This change has been a catalyst for more resources and improved focus on what developers on the Windows platform really need. NET 2. Native vs. Managed development Native development produces binary programs i. This implies small, efficient and fast applications that have low memory usage and modest demands for the machine to execute it. The alternative that has become increasingly common the last few years is called managed programming — where the generated code is in a language for a virtual machine. This intermediate code has to be translated called JITed — for Just-In-Time compilation to be run on an actual machine. This translation requires a bit of CPU- and memory-resources and assumes that a virtual machine runtime has been installed on the machine. Java and. NET are examples of these. There are pros and cons with both development models. For instance, a native solution will typically be more efficient faster and smaller , while a managed solution may be simpler to create for less experienced developers, because the runtime system takes care of automatically freeing allocated memory a process known as garbage collection or GC. These kinds of leaks can actually be harder to figure out — for native solutions there are more advanced tools to identify and eliminate memory leak. For instance, the new memory manager in Delphi Win32, based on the open-source project FastMM courtesy of Pierre le Riche , can report leaks allocated memory that was not freed during shutdown of the application. RAD Studio CodeGear have just put their finishing touches on a product with a long and proud ancestry.

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