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What Create detailed engineering documentation for structural steel using a Revit model that has detailed connections. Also learn how to create 2D representations, including dimensions and tags, and how to schedule bolts and plates. Who Structural engineers, Structural designers, Steel detailers. How After creating your BIM model, including the connection details, simply drag the needed views to their corresponding sheets, Autodesk Revit Software Sales you normally do for all Revit sheets.

Use dimensions and tags to add the needed information. Use flexible tags and labels to add descriptions and create a detailed drawing for structural engineers.

Schedule bolts and plates, as you do for all BIM components. Watch this Autodesk Revit Software Sales of the workflow. Why Loss of information between the phases of project definition and fabrication details is a significant challenge in structual engineering. This workflow facilitates communication between the project and construction phases, reducing information loss and errors. Traditionally, the structural engineer and the fabricator don't share a BIM model with reusable information.

The fabricator often needs to re-create the model all over again in the fabrication tool. The two roles are traditionally disconnected. This tool integrates the LOD model into Revit, allowing structural engineers to handle the most common structures directly in Revit. Autodesk Revit Software Sales, about connections are supported. As a next step, export all the structural details developed in Revit to Advance Steel.

No information is lost. Project and fabrication are then connected. What next? This article describes the general workflow. The following articles give more details, including scheduling and material takeoff:


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