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Easy slideshow creation Create dynamic slideshows from a set of images with a few simple clicks. Repeat so all parts you want to keep or discard are separated with Split points. Direct upload When you're finished making your movie, upload it directly to YouTube or Facebook from the Movie Studio application! It continually crashes during the render events once more than about 20 clips have been added. I'd really like my money back but I can not get customer service to respond to my emails. The installing link can also be present on the website so that you can download it effortlessly from your website now. To zoom, "plus" and "minus" buttons Buy Cheap Sony Movie Studio Platinum 13 right. WLMM cames bundled with Windows 7 so its essentially free. A wealth of video special effects let you add a host of cinematic looks to your movie. Windows Live Movie Maker on the same computer has been remarkably stable. We combined six clips into a 2. I can set 2 Markers or 2 Split points Buy Cheap Sony Movie Studio Platinum 13 and Endbut can't fine-adjust them to the exact desired positions, and I can't even make an "event" going from this Start point to the End point. I strongly suggest viewing these before you start editing. I like to switch between shots every 5 to 10 seconds in the videos to keep things interesting for the viewer. The Special Effects panel offers many choices. Manufacturers, suppliers and others provide what you see here, and we have not verified it.


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