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Student Edition Within the next 30 days you need to register your software. You will receive a second email with your personalized license and registration code. The registration codes are processed during regular business hours so it may be a few days before the license is email to you. The bonzai3d self paced tutorials are a great way to get started with bonzai3d you can access these here. Numerous video tutorials are avaiable here and are streamed within the application. You can access the on-line bonzai3d User's Manual here or within the application itself.

Webinars are another great way to familiarize yourself with bonzai3d. You can check out the schedule of live webinars here and view webinars on demand here. If you have any questions regarding features or installation, please contact support bonzai3d. You can also visit our forums here. If you are unable to uncompress your downloaded file, you can download a free extractor here: For Windows: The latest version of Download The bonzai3d disk image.

Follow the installation instructions included with the download. The bonzai3d folder contains the following: This is the bonzai3d application folder. Open the folder and launch the bonzai3d application to start!

If you would like to keep a shortcut to bonzai3d in your dock, simply drag its icon to the desired location in the dock. This is the bonzai3d component folder. This is the bonzai3d materials folder. This is the bonzai3d window and door component folder. Open the bonzai3d Application folder, launch the bonzai3d application to start! If you have purchased a licence, you may register at any time by selecting register from the help menu and enter your bonzai3d license code.

RenderZone Sample files can be downloaded here: If necessary, decompress the archive. You will then have a folder called bonzai3d 3. Download The bonzai3d folder contains the following: This is an installer for a Microsoft component that is required by bonzai3d.

Install this first by launching this executable and following the on screen prompts if any. If you have v6. Run Sketchup Support: Open the folder and launch the bonzai3d. If you would like to make a shortcut to the application, you can drag the application to the desired location while holding down the ctrl-shift keys. Do not remove the application itself from its folder.

This is the bonzai3d Component folder. Some firewalls may block certain file extensions so if you have trouble with one link, try the other. In windows 7 you can right click the bonzai3d icon in the taskbar and choose "pin" if you would like to keep it there.

bonzai 3d


bonzai3d - Rendering with RenderZone

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