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Live Interior 3D [ Nice Simple "Cad Like" program for interior decorating or remodeling, quick start templates and object library. Nice 2D to 3D switching for quick viewing. Materials library very extensive and manipulative. Only 6 templates to choose from, otherwise drawing from scratch take much more time. Takes a little time to learn, more to master. Moose Rating: Starting on a good concept this is a helpful program. However, if your looking for something to get started in fast and easy, this is not it.

Frankly though I don't know of any that are fast and easy that also have power and versatility. As with most programs that deal with "Cad Like" manipulation, this one requires a little study and practice.

They do provide a tutorial which helps, but I still found myself having to refer to online help or the booklet. If you have this kind of experience, you can just jump in using the templates provided and find yourself working in a short amount of time. Only a very short list of templates though. If you find you need to create a room or house from scratch, this could slow you down. The object library provided does have a good number of items, but these items were pretty standard and basic.

Appliances were few, and with todays versatile decorating, a lot of new or unique items were not in the library. Moving and turning objects to place them was not intuitive at all. This task took me the most time to figure out and was not easily listed in the booklet. The program has the option of designing objects, but again unless your well versed in "cad like" programs, this can be a challenging task.

The materials library I found to be quite extensive. You could pick a tile, vinyl, wallpaper or any surface you like and choose through thousands of textures, colors and styles. I found this element to be one of this programs greatest assets. Using cameras is a nice way to view a room once you find a vantage point that suits you. Walking around in 3D can be a little quirky and time consuming, so if find a view you like you can set a camera there and jump to at any time.

Overall, This is a decent program, it does require some study and could be a little more detailed in some of its instructions. If you have the time and are patient in this kind of drawing and manipulation, the end result can give you nice pictures and a good feel for your project. However, if time and patients is not your thing, an imagination with pencil a paper can go a long way.


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