How much is ArchiCAD 12 for students?

Perhaps you already know that - you find the program challenging, and there are areas you don't venture into because they are complex and you aren't confident you can pull them off. Or perhaps you're getting work out the door routinely, using the methods you've developed over time. However if you haven't kept "sharpening your saw" you're missing out on the benefits of an optimized workflow with the latest tools, wasting your precious time and money. After seeing my current Best Practices Update webinar sharing 10 Cool Tutorials, California architect Bob Schwenke, a 30 year veteran he started the same year that I did wrote to me: I have started the process of building out this entirely new set of fully up to date lessons. When you're not sure how to do things, it takes longer. You may have to rework things more than once to get them to look right. You can even go around in circles for some things just because you're missing some small step or setting. When work piles up and you have deadlines, it can be a high stress time trying to get work out the door. Have you ever felt like you wanted to throw your computer out the window? Or like you wanted to go back to paper and pencil just because you can't get it to do what you need?

how much is ArchiCAD 12 for students?


How to install ArchiCad 12

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