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Help— through this menu you have the possibility to get additional info about the program and view help contents. The main window of Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 6 is divided into several parts- on the left there is a Special places area through which you can quickly access your pictures, hard disks or any removable media connected to the computer. A little below there is a Folder navigation pane designed in Windows Explorer style.

You can select any folder and load images into the program. The central part of the program is divided into two parts- a Preview pane it displays currently edited image and Thumbnail browser it is used for easy navigation.

On the right there is a Functions pane which contains several tools for editing images. The Main Features of the Program Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 6 contains a lot of essential and useful tools which allow you to perform different photo actions.

All those tools are conveniently divided into 11 groups. Some of them are used to correct photo defects, some for adding photo effects, some for enhancing images, and so on. Basics— in this category you can find five different tools for performing basic photo editing actions; they are as follows: Crop— if you want to crop your images for adjusting the desired size, you can take full advantage of this tool.

The program offers the following options- free, original, 2: Resize— you are not satisfied with the actual size of your image? Do not worry; it is not a problem for Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 6. With the help of the Resize tool you have the possibility to select the desired size, width and height of your image. Watermark— the program allows you to protect your photos with a text watermark or simply name them, for example, Birthday party, Wedding, etc. With the help of the watermark tool you can select any desired font, letter style, text color and its transparency.

In addition, the program lets you watermark your photos with an image, too. Print— photo printing is a very important task because it allows you not only to have photos and view them digitally, but also physically. With Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 6 you can define desired parameters for photo printing, i.

Color Correction— the program includes very good tools for color correction; you can adjust brightness, contrast, lightness, saturation, hue and gamma to the photos. Rotate and Mirror— with the help of the program you can rotate photos left or right by 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise on the one hand or manually define the rotation angle using a slider or inbuilt rotation modes on the other hand.

In addition, you have the possibility to select the desired color. Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 6 also allows you to straighten horizon or mirror the image vertically or horizontally.

Face— red eye effect is a very frequent defect on the photos. Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 6 allows you to lessen this defect with the help of a special tool. All you need is to outline the affected area and click OK. Pleasant smile makes our hearts happy! But what about the color of teeth; their unhealthy color may spoil the photo.

Just for this reason, the program has got a tool which helps you to reduce this defect and whiten teeth. So, thanks to this tool your photos will be always good-looking because of charming smiles and faces. Your photos do not look good because a lot of ugly spots spoil their beauty? But now, thanks to Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 6 you can easily get rid of them using Remove Spots tool. It will help you to remove those spots from the photos and make them more beautiful; just select the desired size and click into the image, the program will do the rest.

If you want to clone one area on the image and then paste it on another one, you can take full advantage of a clone area tool.

With the help of this tool you can copy one area and paste it into another. Users can whiten teeth, remove red eyes and eliminate skin imperfections. The program also offers various artistic tools for the creative-minded, e. Are your photos pale, overexposed or blurred? Are you lacking the time, the knowledge or the motivation to carry out extensive image optimizations? Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 6 revitalizes your photos at the click of a button, effortlessly. Optimize colors and contrasts, adjust the sharpness, remove scratches and noise and realign your photos — fast, simple, no prior knowledge required.

Enhanced program structure and readability More powerful: Smart algorithms, portrait tools, new effects More efficient: Less resource-hungry, optimized for performance Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 6 is made for the average user that seeks to achieve brilliant photos with minimum effort.

You can process single photos or entire collections.

Buy Cheap Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 6


Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 6, Brilliant Photos Just One Click Away - Review & Demonstration

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